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About University Insurance Agency?

Who Are We?



University Insurance Agency (UIA) has served the community since 1992. UIA has grown to become one of the most respected insurance agencies in Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida , New York, Washington DC, Maryland, Texas and Florida. UIA serving 9 States in the U.S. we assist over 18,000 of our clients employees Worldwide.




Why You Should Choose University Insurance Agency?


Save money with the most innovative programs and competitive prices.

At University Insurance Agency our International Medical Tourisum Program (IMTP) is internationally recongised.   We have agreements with over 70 international hospitals and Doctor groups.  We are saving our clients millions of dollars off their annual medical bills.  Did your company have an increase on their medical insurance plan this year?  Our companies that partisapated in our IMTP saved on average 18% in the last plan year.  With one company saving a whopping 27% year over year.  We don't guarantee those type of saving to everyone especailly in the initial year but over time as more employee's take advantage of our program we are seeing big changes year over year.  Here is an  example of a actual case:

The company is self insured and the employee needs a knee surgery.  He can go to his local hospital.  Talk to a doctor he is reffered by his primary care doctor.  Have the surgery.  Be out of work the standard two to three weeks.  recouperate at home come back   to work after he is cleared by the doctor and basiclly work in a limited capasityfor another three to four weeks.  the employee has know idea how much the procedjure cost and in total the company loses seven weeks of work and the cost of a knee surgery in the U.S. can vary from $38,000.00 to around $65,000.00 and even more in some major cities. Of that the employee pays a co-pay of on average 20% or $5,600.00 to $13,000.00

Here is an actual case 

The employee picked between two international Centers of excellence within a 3.5 hour airline flight area from his home however if the client wants to fly longer they can.  The employee decided on Puerto Rico because he doesn't have a passport.

 We set up the Employee with a board certified Orthopedic surgent and coordinate with his  He travels to Puerto Rico he decides to bring his spouse and pays out of pocket the discounted airfare for her (in this case $320.00 round trip) all other expenses are covered by the plan.  He is met at the airport by one of our certified agents that will be at his service from the airport until he returns to the airport to fly home.  

He has the surgery but instead of recovering at his home he is recovering at on of our recovery suites in Puerto rico he gets daliy supervised Physical therapy, Daily wellness treatment (in this case massage) of his choice and a choice of activities depending on the the doctor recommendations.  

After his Physical therapy he and his spouse walk the beach daily and he truly relaxes.  Two meals per day are covered durning recovery.  He gets the green light to return home.  He returns home and follows up with his U.S. doctor and he retruns back to work rested and ready.  Most of all through this program his employer has provided an experiance that both he and his spouse will never forget.

Total cost savings to the employer approx. $51,486.00 the co-pay in this example is $0.  Total Value to the employee  Priceless !!!!  Let us come out and present our plan to your CEO.

We will help you find the best deals and save you a tremendous amount of money by comparison shopping. Our dedicated staff will research and compare the most competitive insurance plans for you. 


Expert customer care professionals


We are staffed with licensed agents and experienced professionals who are ready to assist you every step of the way from comparison shopping to application to claims. As a UIA customer, you have the peace of mind knowing that your concerns will never be ignored. We guarantee that your questions will be answered quickly and accurately anytime during your purchasing process and throughout the duration of your policy.


Largest selection of insurance plans


We carry a full line of insurance products. Whether you want individual life insurance for yourself, group Life insurance plan for your employees and their family, or commercial insurance for your business, we'll provide you with the right insurance plan. Whether you need Annuities, Health insurance, Life insurance, Key Person insurance, Tax free retirement planning or Estate planning, we have all the plans you'll want.


Experienced with insurance claims


Our staff have over 35 years of insurance experience, we know the right way to help our customers resolve complex insurance claims and other related issues during the most difficult times in our client's life. Our experienced insurance claim advisors will make sure your paperwork is properly prepared and submitted to the insurance company. Your case will be followed closely by our dedicated staff until settlement and in many cases we can deliver your check.