Group Health Care

iindex-imgHealth insurance is one of the most important benefits a company can use to attract and maintain the best employees. In some cases, the only reason an individual stays with a company is to get health insurance coverage. Even businesses with as few as two or as many as 5,000 employees can provide health insurance through the business group plans available in most states.

Larger companies can benefit from shopping their plan with us. We can show you the most requested benefits available for the lowest cost. We can also show all companies how to navigate ACA to avoid unnecessary cost and penalties. So give us a call today. 

We can also save your company Hundreds of thousands of dollars with our International Medical Tourisum program (IMTP).  With our IMTP will show you how anything from your employee's elective surgical procedure's, long term therapies to something as simple as Executive phyiscals can be done at one of our International centers of excellence.  Our centers are located in the top vacation destinations in the world and both the employee and the company will save hundreds of thousands of dollars, airfare and accomdations included. Call us and we can show you how.